Letter to the Editor

Education plan

San Luis ObispoJuly 5, 2013 

This letter is regarding your editorial about the California Master Plan for Higher Education, guaranteeing every qualified student a seat, as the reason why UCLA Anderson School of Management should not be allowed to use private funds for operation. I love the 1960 plan, but what is available to students now is not what was promised 53 years ago. This is a new century! UCLA Anderson is available to many more students now than before.

As an alumnus of Anderson (1977), I have observed advantages with privatization. When I attended, the education was great, but the career services were dismal. After graduation, the attitude was: goodbye, your turn is over. Now Anderson has extensive career services available to both students and alumni. There is nothing comparable at the other UC campuses. Further, Anderson has programs that draw the world to it. I love their conferences, even this year. Anderson could not have become what it is without private funds.

At the same time, if you really want to see a school that knows how to do education, check Cal Poly — its undergraduate business education is topnotch, and its engineering department is one of the best. Perhaps they might be able to advise the state on this matter.

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