Letter to the Editor

Defending deputies

Los OsosJuly 5, 2013 

In the June 29 Tribune, a front section, Page 3 headline read: “Sheriff’s deputies in 2 desert cities are abusive, report says.”

As a former resident of the Antelope Valley, I wish to voice my support for the Sheriff’s Departments of both Lancaster and Palmdale. We were business owners in Lancaster for more than 50 years, and appreciated the response of our deputies. The population of these two communities grew far too rapidly. A huge state prison, followed by increased public housing, brought an influx of people from Los Angeles. The Sheriff’s Station in Lancaster became one of the busiest in Los Angeles County.

The rapid change in demographics was difficult for the citizenry. The increase in crime was dramatic, and we were fearful of even walking across a parking lot after dusk. I will not go into detail about some of the abusive attacks that occurred at the hands of street thugs. The deputies were kept very busy, and I surely understand if they became a little overzealous at times.

No longer wishing to live in this environment, I moved to the Central Coast. However, I do worry about family members and friends living in Lancaster and Palmdale. I’m counting on the Sheriff’s Departments of both communities to keep them safe.

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