Letter to the Editor

Unexpected sign

San Luis ObispoJuly 5, 2013 

While driving into the parking lot of the Madonna Road post office, I noticed a large sign. It had a picture of President Obama with a Hitler mustache. The bottom of the sign said http://larouchepac.com. If memory served me correctly, and this was the same Lyndon Larouche I remembered, I was stunned.

I came home and looked up the organization, and my memory did not fail me. Lyndon Larouche has run for president eight times, and has had ties with the Ku Klux Klan and a few other ultra-conservative organizations.

I believe in free speech, but wow — in our little place of San Luis Obispo, we see signs that I would not expect to see. I thought we were a little more dignified and cultured than to show signs with Hitler mustaches painted on the President of the United States. I thought we had come further than that type of mockery.

The people behind the sign achieved their goal: I am writing about it, and I know there will be some vitriolic words sent from the other side of the conversation, but at least make the arguments intelligible.

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