Letter to the Editor

Rights under attack

Morro BayJuly 1, 2013 

I am responding to a June 2 letter to the editor by Andrew Ketelaar. He suggests that the state do background checks on both guns and ammunition. If a person has already been approved to own a gun, why on earth would that same person undergo another background check to buy ammunition?

If the intent of the state is to harass the law-abiding gun owner, then the state would be violating the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment is an important part of our Bill of Rights. Benjamin Franklin once said that “people who are willing to give up their freedom for security, deserve neither freedom nor security.”

Once we go down the path of eliminating one amendment, the others will soon follow. Andrew should be concerned with securing our freedoms not only under the Second Amendment but also under the First and Fourth Amendments.

Right now, they are under attack by the California Legislature, the Department of Justice, FBI, Homeland Security, National Security Agency, Transportation Security Administration, drones and the IRS.

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