Letter to the Editor

Life and death

San Luis ObispoJune 30, 2013 

The United States is in the midst of a scandal of widespread and serious proportions. Every year, 30,000-plus citizens die from needless gun violence. The National Rifle Association’s solution to this problem is to flood the nation with more firearms and we will all be safe. Right!

Let me give you a clue. Anyone who has not carried a firearm in a potential combat situation is not prepared for the life-and-death decisions that may have to be made. Going to the shooting range or blasting some harmless deer cannot prepare you to face another human being with a gun.

Thousands of our fellow citizens find out each year that keeping firearms in their homes can be a life-altering experience. Do you know the laws of self-defense? Are you mentally prepared at a moment’s notice to shoot and kill someone? Are you proficient enough to shoot a moving target and not accidentally hit a bystander? You need the answers to these questions before you decide to keep a loaded weapon in your residence.

I am ex-military and I am ex-law enforcement. Keeping loaded firearms in your home for protection can be setting you and your family up for a bad ending.

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