Unitarian Universalists to celebrate with a public open house

Special to The CambrianJune 29, 2013 

The Unitarian Universalists Community of Cambria has moved into its new, permanent home and is hosting an open house for the community. The event is scheduled for 2 to 5 p.m. Saturday, July 6, 2013, at the new location, 786 Arlington St.

Two business condos have been connected and remodeled into a sanctuary and social hall, and the UU’s would like to share their homecoming with neighbors and friends. There will be music, munchies and a slide show with information and conversation regarding the humanistic perspective of Unitarian Universalists.

The UU Church in Cambria was founded three years ago by a handful of members from the UU Fellowship in San Luis Obispo. The membership and momentum of the church has been built slowly but steadily.

The congregation continues to expand, enough that they have been able to purchase a permanent home. Innovative guest speakers along with lay-led services are presented weekly on a variety of spiritual issues, including on values, on social justice and environmental concerns. Talks can include topics as diverse as the rights of immigrants or preserving our local eco-systems.

Speakers representing many faith traditions, including Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Wiccan, Islamic and others, are welcome to the pulpit to share their history and knowledge.

New committees and an assortment of special interest groups are taking shape. These include a choir with a musical director, a monthly Women’s Topic Group, potlucks aplenty and various types of fundraisers that contribute to local schools and charities.

You’ve probably seen the UU’s at the Cambria Farmers Market on the last Friday of the month, collecting and recycling electronics for those who are in need.

Come and join us for some engaging conversations, an opportunity to peruse our new digs and a chance to find out what the UU’s are all about. To reach us, call 395-4055, email, go to, or come by at 10 a.m. Sundays to 786 Arlington St. in West Village, around the corner from The Coffee Den.

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