Letter to the Editor

Lock up molesters

Paso RoblesJune 28, 2013 

Every now and again there is an article describing acts against children. These acts are horrific. Our county has decided to slam gang members — good. I think it is time to lock up these molesters for good.

Anyone looking at how many molesters are in this county would be very much surprised. I am asking the district attorney’s office and the honorable judges on the bench to give them the maximum. I wish there were life sentences for even the first offense. If you kill a police officer, the needle awaits, but what about the internal death of these children? I could not even imagine what that is like.

Let us consider if we go tougher on molesters in this county, maybe some of them will move and reduce the chances of re-offending. We should also increase the distance of their residences and work locations from schools, parks and other community centers. Let us not make it comfortable for them.

Some say they served their time — but this is not like other crimes. These urges do not go away from them. If this is policy, let it be known. If not, please consider the victims.

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