Letter to the Editor

Caring for animals

San Luis ObispoJune 27, 2013 

Hurrying along Foothill Boulevard to her Cal Poly graduation, our daughter saw a cluster of red-wing blackbirds concerned with something alongside the road. They flew into the field as she passed, leaving one bird flopping in the dust.

She pulled over and found a fledgling, its leg sticking out sideways. Calming the downy bird on her lap, she drove on to our house and called Pacific Wildlife Care in Morro Bay. We didn’t have time to take the invalid there and were told to leave it on the porch in a box with ventilation holes and a towel. When we returned from the ceremonies, we found a thank-you note.

The next day we called the care center. A volunteer said the bird was alive, its leg in a paperclip cast. It has continued doing well and will stay until it can feed itself in the wild.

I think about how our species and its roads are overtaking Earth’s wild places. But I remember, too, that a volunteer came to pick up a small bird on a Sunday morning. Pacific Wildlife Care is worthy of any donations we can give for its care of orphaned and injured animals.

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