Letter to the Editor

Outage concern

Arroyo GrandeJune 26, 2013 

I was impressed to find a report on the power outage in the Monday, June 24, edition, given that the outage occurred on Sunday at 9:30 p.m.

Kudos for the quick work!

However, as a citizen, I would like to express some concern about the event.

I turned on my emergency radio (a Sony Walkman) during the outage, and was able to tune in to KCBX radio. To their credit, the announcer kept us informed to the best of his knowledge, but it wasn’t very much, as apparently even KCBX had problems extricating information from “the authorities.” And that radio station went out after its emergency power was exhausted.

This is disconcerting. What if it had been a worse emergency? How is information disseminated by the authorities to the average citizen who has no access to the Internet during a power outage? Surely it must not have been pleasant for the police departments to be inundated by calls?

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