Letter to the Editor

Don’t spy on me

Grover BeachJune 24, 2013 

Sometimes I hear people say that they’re doing nothing wrong, so it’s OK if someone overhears what they’re saying, or sees what they’ve written.

But I wonder, who makes the judgment of what’s right or wrong? Will it be someone like Henry Kissinger, who has been hanging around in the political shadows for generations? Or the head of a multinational corporation who thinks pollution is OK, or sees no need for an adequate pay scale?

Or perhaps a senator who stands to benefit from a war that I’m opposed to? Or will it be someone from a different religion, who doesn’t believe the same way I do? Or how about the head of a gigantic computer company who stands to benefit enormously from spying?

We should pay attention to the Fourth Amendment. This spying game could become never-ending unless we make our strong objections known to our president and our representatives.

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