Letter to the Editor

Blaming the parents

Grover BeachJune 24, 2013 

For Jim Vint in his June 22 letter, history began with the election of Barack Obama, whom he argues single-handedly caused “the downfall of the U.S. to a second-tier country.”

Apparently, Mr. Vint is unaware that George W. Bush cut income taxes while starting two wars in the Middle East costing trillions of dollars. At the end of the Clinton presidency, this country was running a budget surplus; after eight years of Bush, that surplus was long gone. Bush also presided over the collapse of our economy due to the financial chicanery of unregulated banks, leading to a taxpayer-funded bailout.

After thus bankrupting the country, the Republican administration turned things over to Obama in 2008, sort of like teenagers throwing a big party and maxing out all their parents’ credit cards, then telling them, “OK, clean up this mess!” Vint is blaming the parents, who are now doing what they can to set our house in order.

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