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Arroyo GrandeJune 24, 2013 

A recent “Opinion of The Tribune” credits Pismo Beach for addressing ocean water quality failures. As chair of the Surfrider Foundation in San Luis Obispo, I can say that we agree. However, The Tribune goes on to state that the water quality issues of Port San Luis are only connected to the “dog beach.” We disagree. This accusation ignores the potential impacts of San Luis Creek, infrastructure at the port or Avila Beach, and the ocean outfall of Avila’s sewage plant.

In assessing water quality issues, there often is no “silver bullet.” Our Blue Water Task Force continues weekly measurements at the mouth of San Luis Creek, and our analysis shows the creek violates California standards about half the time ( www.surf  rider.org/blue-water-task  force/beach/369  ). The creek mouth is an area where SLO County posts permanent “NO SWIMMING” signs and is an acknowledged threat to public health. So, we urge concerned parties to “do the science” before assigning blame, and SLO County leaders like Supervisor Adam Hill should be taking a more active role in coordinating efforts to clean up the creek. Also, we are looking for additional, dedicated volunteers to join the task force. Send inquiries to chair@slo.surfrider.org.

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