Letter to the Editor

Ignore Krauthammer

Los OsosJune 24, 2013 

Reading the Charles Krauthammer column each week, I have come to wonder if there is any problem the cause of which he would not lay at the feet of President Obama. In his June 21 column, he said it was Obama’s inaction that is causing us to lose control of the chaotic situation in Syria. There is no discussion of which rebel groups to aid and which to shun.

Krauthammer states, “Whatever the wisdom of the Iraq war in the first place, when Obama came to office in January 2009, the war was won.” That comes as a surprise to millions of us who view the Iraq war as a disaster from start to finish.

Newspaper columnists need only be concerned with their own opinions. The president of the United States must consider the views of all citizens in arriving at decisions.

By leaving more troops in Iraq, the president would have ignored the wishes of the American people and most Iraqis. Just as with Iraq, Americans do not want further military involvement in Syria and that part of the volatile Middle East.

It is always wise to ignore the gratuitous advice of armchair generals, es pecially those who evidence little interest in the role of public opinion in decision-making in a democracy.

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