Letter to the Editor

Another McDonald’s?

Los OsosJune 24, 2013 

Anyone who wants a McDonald’s in Los Osos is a few lateral lines short of a sewer. There is already a McDonald’s three miles away in Morro Bay. Los Osos needs a McDonald’s as much as Atascadero needs a Walmart, which is very little, considering there’s one of those just up the road in Paso Robles.

If Los Osos wants another hamburger restaurant to dry up business at Sylvester’s, then why not show some class and get an Islands restaurant? Or how about something cool like a Fatburger? There are even a few Pioneer Chicken restaurants still in existence in L.A. Why not bring another one here? Why do people think they have to resort to the lowest of the low? Get some class, Los Osos.

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