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Cambrian Letters to the Editor June 20

cambrian@thetribunenews.comJune 20, 2013 

The view of the Kingston Bay project at the corner of Ardath Drive and Green Street as projected by project planners, who note the view has been 'slighty skewed' so all of the front is visible, which would not be possible for an actual pedestrian.


Best for Cambria?

Once again, I am getting the sense that our local interest (preserving the Cambrian community) is being threatened by business interests (realty, development) and the Board of Supervisors who supports the latter for reasons unknown.

I’m wondering if two questions were answered before the Kingston Bay Senior Living project was formally launched: Is there a pressing need for such a facility, and is there a location that will pose the least impact on residential interests?

If the Kingston facility ends up consistently less than half full, that would be a shame. And imagine you as a Marine Terrace resident living across the street from the shore with amazing views of the ocean learning that the board voted unanimously to erect a structure between your home and the water. This hypothetical concern is no less significant than that of the residents impacted by this project. Or imagine how you would feel if you were a lot owner who has been waiting years for a water permit.

Randall Schwalbe


Phone fraud

I got a phone call on Tuesday. The caller begins talking in muffled voice, saying that he has been in an accident and “you’re the only one that can help.”
He doesn’t want his family to know. Naturally I questioned him, asking, “is this Mike?”   The response: “Yes, my nose is broken and I don’t sound normal. I’m in jail in Mexico and I need $2,900 for my attorney etc. etc.”

The money is to be sent to his attorney, whose main office is in Istanbul, Turkey. On and on the plot thickens.

I finally asked what his last name was and the name of his dog. Then follows indignant disbelief, saying if I am really his friend, I wouldn’t ask all these questions at his time of need.
By this time you know what to do. Enjoy the game. But don’t fall for it. This guy was really bad, but some are very smooth.

Don Keene


It speaks for itself

“Birds do it, dolphins do it — even fruit flies do it. It’s the phenomenon of same-sex partnering and a new review of existing research finds that it occurs nearly universally throughout the natural world. Same-sex sexual behavior can be found in a wide variety of species in nature.”

— Nathan Bailey, UC Riverside, National Wildlife Magazine

For those of you who disbelieve the genetic propensity toward gay/lesbian behavior, please be aware of the naturalness of that behavior. It is not a choice and cannot be “cured” by talk therapy (so say the experts).

There is much research ongoing regarding the subject of homosexuality so that one should keep an open mind. In the interim, the fact that there are gay and lesbian people living among us poses no threat.

Ask yourself, “how am I affected by the fact that my neighbor is gay or lesbian?” Actually, same-sex couples have been documented as being model parents (low divorce rate).

The publicity seems to indicate that the people who are obsessed by the “gay issue” are focused on the sex to an unhealthy degree; they seem to identify the gay/lesbian community purely by their sexual proclivities. The universal advice for those deniers is “get a life and move on.”

Res ipsa loquitur.

Sylvia A. Hanna


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