Letter to the Editor

No matter of choice

San Luis ObispoJune 20, 2013 

On the one hand, I wish to commend Terry W. Barnett for expressing Christian love of both the misguided homophobic “preacher” at Cal Poly and of the two young men who countered her vitriol by making out in her presence. On the other hand, I wish to call him to task for the statement, “I do not condone the LGBTQ lifestyle ...”

To suggest that sexual orientation can be reduced to a “lifestyle” choice implies that all heterosexuals have the same lifestyle, whether they are carousing barflies or family people reading their children to sleep. The gays and lesbians I know cover a broad range of lifestyles and types. They are government workers, physicians, bankers, nurses, retired people, waiters, et al. They are parents, grandparents and singles. They are outgoing or they keep to themselves, just like the heterosexuals I know.

There is no doubt in my mind that sexual orientation is not a matter of choice, and that to look askance at others’ sexual makeup is to question the Creator.

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