Letter to the Editor

Hard decisions

Paso RoblesJune 19, 2013 

After reading the June 16 Tribune article “Wine and water: Deep trouble in the North County,” I was pleased to see Supervisor Frank Mecham quoted as saying: “I just hope that we are not in the situation where the guy with the most money wins.”

The article also indicated that he thinks any solution will require the political will to make hard decisions. The wine industry has brought many good things to SLO County, including economic growth. But it was the small mom-and-pop wineries that put the Paso Robles appellation on the wine map, not the mega vineyards that ship huge quantities of grapes out of the region. Unbridled expansion at the cost of our most precious resource —water — is wreaking havoc.

The Board of Supervisors holds the fate of thousands of people in its hands. I hope supervisors have that “political will to make hard decisions” showing the rural residents, small vineyards and other small agriculturalists that our county government cares as much about us as big business. They have the power to make sure that we do not end up in “a very sad situation” “where the guy with the most money wins.”

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