Letter to the Editor

Hats off to Scouts

Garden FarmsJune 19, 2013 

This is a quick note to commend Boy Scout Troop 123 of Santa Margarita. They recently came around to local households selling tickets for atri-tip dinner. The young man at our door, Levi, couldn’t have been any more polite and kind, and he was very informed about their fundraiser.

When I went to pick up our tri-tip dinner, I drove up to the Santa Margarita Community Hall and one of the troop members came running up, asked for my ticket and said he’d deliver the dinner to my car — all with enthusiasm and a kind smile. The four or five Boy Scouts outside delivering dinners were all laughing and obviously enjoying their work.

I want to say that young men like this make me feel that all is well with the world after hearing so much bad news about our youths. Hats off to the parents of these young men, and bravo to the Scout leaders! I applaud you and am proud to be part of a community that holds these young men to a high standard.

And the dinner was all really good.

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