Letter to the Editor

Sprawl at its worst

Pismo BeachJune 17, 2013 

Spanish Springs is urban sprawl at its worst. Disconnected from the rest of the city, requiring enormous new infrastructure, and supposedly paid for by the developer — the cost of which is offset by the huge reduction in developer impact fees. There is no tertiary water delivery system for the city, and who pays for maintenance?

The hue and cry about what could happen should the property be developed by the county is a joke. The county would only allow a few extremely large-lot homes. Yes, there would be no city revenue from this, but the only revenue from Spanish Springs comes from hotel/commercial development, in the final phase. If it isn’t built, the city will be stuck with providing services to the residential component, historically a fiscal negative for any jurisdiction.

Connecting the first phase of the project to Price Canyon is useless. People wanting to go south or north on Highway 101 will use Highland or El Viento to Ventana to get to the Fourth Street on-ramp.

Attend tonight’s meeting at the Vets Hall.

Go online and sign the petition at www.change.org/petitions/pismo-beach-city-council-allow-the-residents-to-vote-on-the-spanish-springs-project. Only 557 registered voter signatures would require a repeal or a citizens’ vote.

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