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Benefits & subsidies

CambriaJune 17, 2013 

As an example of the GOP’s longing for limited government and individual responsibility, we must consider recent goings-on in Congress.

California representative Doug LaMalfa — a Republican, a member of the House Agriculture Committee, and a successful rice farmer in the Central Valley — expressed his dismay at federal programs such as food stamps for low-income families. This was taking dollars from workers. Such charity should come from churches and volunteers. He wants to cut the program and raise eligibility standards.

In the same proposed bill, LaMalfa wants to raise farm subsidies, an example of massive corporate welfare. Almost 2 million people will be thrown off the food stamp rolls — seniors and low-income workers — and more than 200,000 children will not get school lunches in order to raise farm subsidies. LaMalfa himself will profit greatly when he votes to transfer the money from the poor.

I am sure he will convince his constituents it is for their own good.

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