Letter to the Editor

Equestrian concerns

NipomoJune 17, 2013 

On Tuesday, Spanish Springs will go before the Pismo Beach City Council and some very important decisions will be made.

As an active equestrian in San Luis Obispo County, I have watched developments sprawl over areas that once were ridden by horse owners for years. When the council decides what it will or will not support, I hope the equestrian trails and staging area the Spanish Springs developers have carefully identified in their plans will not be taken out.

The 960-acre parcel has been a favorite for years for all the locals who live within riding distance. This allows them to ride from their properties without trailering to a long destination. I also hope that, should this proposal go forward, some of the larger properties be allowed to have horses.

In Nipomo, many properties were developed that allowed trails, but not horses. Horse owners provide a viable tax base to the county, and should not be shoved aside for other recreational activities . Horse ownership should not be limited to the wealthy only, and for many of us, that is what we feel is happening in our county.

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