Letter to the Editor

Shame on APCD board

Paso RoblesJune 16, 2013 

I was dismayed to read that the APCD board refused to endorse the Children’s Bill of Rights on purely political grounds. If this benign document constitutes an unjustifiable “taking” of children from their parents, then so do laws that allow the state to intervene when parents abuse their children, attempt to sell them to others, hire them out as prostitutes, or make them objects of child pornography.

My point is that parents do not own their children. The child is not a slave to be bought and sold. Instead, parents are the primary caretakers of their children (until the child reaches the age of majority). The idea of a “caretaker” implies that parenting is subject to laws and regulations that prohibit certain parental behaviors that are harmful to the child and require certain other behaviors that are beneficial to their health and welfare. It is the failure to understand this simple fact that led to the sort of fear-mongering that was recently witnessed at the APCD board meeting. (And shame on the board majority for giving into this rightwing paranoid and baseless political attack on children and the family).

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