Letter to the Editor

Thinking globally

New Tech HighJune 16, 2013 

We are a group of students at Central Coast New Tech High School. We were assigned the task of researching Zambia and the problems in that country. The people of Zambia suffer from starvation and a failing economy. We researched the ecology and the economy, and then we created a plan on how we could impact Zambia.

Zambia has many different factors that contribute to poverty. The nation’s weather is typically a higher temperature. There is rarely any rainfall, but floods are still possible. The economy of Zambia is poor due to the fact that they are importing unnecessary amounts.

Our solution is a combination of conservative agriculture, the use of GMOs and crop rotation. The use of conservative agriculture would allow for little ecological impacts, GMOs would be used to make crops more weather resistant and crop rotation would help with the lack of soil nutrients. Putting all of these things together would allow for a surplus in farming that would positively affect the economy. You can contact us at: montana_d@charter.net 

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