Letter to the Editor

Stalag Guantanamo

Arroyo GrandeJune 16, 2013 

What we have created in Guantanamo is a Stalag — something that is as far removed as one can get from what our country stands for. “It is a recruitment tool for extremists. It needs to be closed,” President Obama stated on April 2013. Where our flag flies, that is America.

Those 166 detainees certainly should have been either sent home or tried in one of our courts the moment they were apprehended. The idea of keeping them locked up for a decade without due process is reprehensible. Even those Nazis that were incarcerated after World War II were given the benefit of a trial.

Yemen is now pushing our government to begin due process and for those found innocent to be returned home. When its doors close, Guantanamo should be handed back to Cuba. It is a frightful example of all that does not represent America.

These decisions certainly would go a long way to correct a most grievous policy.

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