Letter to the Editor

Be prepared

Pismo BeachJune 14, 2013 

Wow. Seen those fullpage color ads for Spanish Springs? Gotten a flashy folder in your mail with seductive photos of Napa vineyards? Maybe one of your neighbors has hosted a coffee klatch with a developers’ representative ... the full court press is on.

On June 18, you’ll see a lot of unfamiliar faces. We, your fellow citizens, will be there, too, just as we have been from the beginning of this serious and professional campaign to create a satellite city in Price Canyon. I’m not asking you, I’m begging all concerned Pismo residents, come to the Vets Hall, be prepared to stay as long as necessary to get answers to questions that need to be addressed by the City Council.

City officials will stall in the hope you’ll get frustrated and leave. They’ve done it before and they’ll try it again. Be sure to ask, “Who wants this?”

Why can’t senior housing, water treatment and a convention center be done better and cheaper by the city itself? Finally, ask why the city cannot facilitate a public vote on this proposal, if it’s so certain of public approval.

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