Letter to the Editor

Character matters

CambriaJune 13, 2013 

In reading Bruce Gibson’s Viewpoint (June 5), I was struck by two comments . He stated that while attending a governing board meeting, he had “one of the most strange and disappointing days I’ve experienced in my time in elected office.”

Obviously Mr. Gibson has conveniently forgotten his adulterous affair with his subordinate, or maybe to him it was of no consequence. Character or the lack of same may not be abig deal to Mr. Gibson, but it does matter to others.

Secondly, he condemns COLAB and the local Tea Party and insinuates in a later paragraph that they are “extremists” without having the courage to say so directly. Mr. Gibson used an underhanded political tactic in dealing with opposing positions, using the word “extremists” to marginalize the opposition.

Lastly, I am neither a COLAB nor a Tea Party member but a registered Democrat.

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