Letter to the Editor

Planted letters

San Luis ObispoJune 13, 2013 

My, my, all of a sudden, I notice a “spontaneous” outpouring of letters to the editor supporting the monstrous Spanish Springs project being proposed for Price Canyon.

This “support” is rather transparently manipulated, as may be shown by the presence of two letters, back-to-back, on May 31 that both used the identical phrase, “count me among” the supporters of this project.

Note to the out-of-town developers trying to Ventura-ize this precious canyon: If you’re going to plant letters to the editor, at least have enough creativity to avoid using the same phrase again and again.

The citizens of Pismo Beach have made it clear that they do not want this humongous beast to devour their neighboring canyon. Here’s hoping city leaders see through the manipulation and vote thumbs down.

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