Letter to the Editor

Take the reins

Pismo BeachJune 13, 2013 

I am in support of Spanish Springs and these are a few of the reasons:

Pismo Beach must stay in control of how the Spanish Springs project unfolds. If the City Council of Pismo Beach votes the project down because of pressure from a few, we will all suffer the consequences, namely because Spanish Springs will be developed with or without the guidelines of Pismo Beach government.

Do you want the county to build this project? Their decisions will impact us, the citizens of Pismo Beach.

Let’s take the reins and keep control. With Pismo Beach having regulatory control, we can move forward with some assurance that our voices will be heard.

Additionally, there is going to be a wine country-type hotel built on this site, and we will be the ones living with it in our backyards. Why not keep the tax revenue that goes along with the hotel instead of handing it off to the county? Plus there are a number of other taxable entities of this project that will bring in tax dollars.

Fellow Pismo Beach citizens, please do not stand by and let the county have control of what takes place in our community.

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