Letter to the Editor

Outsiders affected

Arroyo GrandeJune 13, 2013 

Formerly, I thought only Pismo Beach residents should have public opinions on Spanish Springs. But recent letters from nonresidents supported this expansion, theorizing that adding more citizens would create jobs and that development would alleviate freeway congestion by moving traffic to city streets.

I take issue with this logic. Historically, big project workers are hired from outside our county. However, the newly imported Diablo Canyon workers stayed, so one could say jobs were created. Alleviation of freeway traffic using streets has to happen at the expense of neighborhoods and the unwilling benevolence of the Mankins family who would lose their property through eminent domain. The reasoning that highway traffic would be alleviated is illogical. The most direct route of travel is not stop-and-go neighborhood streets.

While my address is not Pismo Beach, the shared aquifer for my well and the new development does not know it doesn’t have a Pismo address. My car crawling in freeway traffic does not know it doesn’t garage in Pismo. Yet I’m affected by Pismo decisions. I urge the City Council to act responsibly for and responsible to all who live here. It’s not about developer profit or constituent NIMBYism. It’s about quality of life.

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