Letter to the Editor

Embrace project

Pismo BeachJune 13, 2013 

As a former councilman and mayor of Pismo Beach, I have experience with proposals and plans which have come across my desk. Like any agency, a city seeks bids for contracts and is presented with proposals for growth and expansion. Not every plan is a good plan and not every proposal is worth pursuing. One such plan that is worth the effort is the proposed Spanish Springs development. This long-term plan is well designed and will be completed with high quality and standard.

This project will bring in over $16 million in improvement and building fees, $4.2 million for our schools, $2.6 million in tax revenue to the city and will be 100 percent funded by the property owner to initiate a water recycling program which costs approximately $3.5 million.

This is a smart growth proposal and will add less than 1 percent to the population each year. Last but not least, this project will bring hundreds of new permanent jobs, highpaying construction jobs and a boost in tourism that will only serve to help local businesses and to better our community health overall.

I encourage all our community to embrace this project.

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