Letter to the Editor

Don’t be fooled

Pismo BeachJune 13, 2013 

The Spanish Springs project proposed for Pismo Beach will not benefit our city as the out-of-town developers have cleverly presented. Increased traffic is irreversible! Highland Avenue is aresidential street; it should not be one of the only two connecting roads from the freeway to the project.

The proposed “arterial road” to Price Canyon will be built under the railroad tracks, several miles away from the freeway. Price Canyon is a two-lane road that will not be expanded for many years to come, if ever. The other “proposed arterial road” will not be built through the Mankins property.

Attention Pismo Beach residents: Don’t be fooled. I was present at one of the developer’s community meetings where Mr. Hester had to clarify his comment that “all construction would go through the arterial road by Price Canyon.”

After being asked directly, he told us, “Phase 1 construction will have to go up Highland Avenue.”

Water conservation is a must for our area, and Spanish Springs would drastically increase Pismo’s water use. There are too many unknowns for this project. I value the quality of life here and strongly oppose the Spanish Springs project.

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