Letter to the Editor

When it will end

Shell BeachJune 12, 2013 

A friend posted a comment on Facebook about the gun violence that occurred in Santa Monica. He wondered when this senseless carnage of innocent people would end.

It will end when this country takes a serious step toward sensible gun control.

Here is what I think needs to happen:

1. Politicians who do the bidding of the NRA and the gun lobby instead of validating the will of the people must be removed from office.

2. The electorate must rise to the occasion and forcefully campaign to remove the oligarchs who are in the pockets of special interests.

Other democratic nations have done it. We can do it too.

Personally, I would like to pack up all these “Americans” obsessed with guns who think they need to defend themselves from an oppressive government and continue to distort the meaning of the Second Amendment and send them to Mongolia with a one-way plane ticket.

The nation must understand that this is not a case of protecting the rights of a minority. This is a case of allowing an ideological minority to daily put at risk the rights of the majority, and that is to live without worrying about being shot, either at home or in the street. Amen?

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