Letter to the Editor

Reduce college costs

San Luis ObispoJune 9, 2013 

The rising cost of a college education has reached crisis levels for most families. In my opinion, the problem is created by upward pressure on tuition fees caused by decreased funding from the states, as well as the ease of obtaining student loans. The primary solution is for our institutions of higher learning to find ways to lower the cost of books and tuition.

This problem hits low-income families the hardest, often resulting in paying as much as half of the family’s income toward college costs. Taking on student loans may not be a wise option, as it leaves students with massive debt that cannot be dismissed in bankruptcy, and often stays with them for many decades.

Right now, attending a quality community college such as Cuesta can reduce the cost of a four-year college degree dramatically, but it is not a complete solution to the rising costs of education.

I am begging Cal Poly to be leaders in reducing the costs of college education through low-cost digital textbooks, online courses for undergrad lower division courses, using part-time and/or volunteer retired instructors from our highly educated SLO community, and low cost, co-op style housing. Anybody listening?

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