Letter to the Editor

Right course on Syria

San Luis ObispoJune 9, 2013 

Parlor warrior Charles Krauthammer — who would bravely send other people’s sons and daughters to war in Syria — ridicules President Obama for choosing diplomacy over air strikes while portraying the Syrian rebels as beleaguered freedom fighters.

The truth is there are no “good guys” (John McCain’s words) in Syria’s civil war, at least not in terms of U.S. national interests: “… the most effective rebel force is made up of radical Sunnis aligned with al-Qaida, while many of the other militias are led by self-identified Islamists” (The New York Times, June 6).

A rebel victory would most likely result in the kind of antidemocratic Islamic governments now forming in Libya and Egypt. Absent U.S. intervention, Syria will probably devolve into several independent tribal states. And from our standpoint, that may be the best possible outcome.

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