Morro Bay EcoRotary holds Eco Faire

judysalamacha@gmail.comJune 9, 2013 

Morro Bay EcoRotary recently had a “Green Light Eco Faire.” Eco, green, sustainable, recycling, zero-waste, bioneers, solar, biodiesel, foodie, permaculture – all words on their promotional flyer that are now part of our culture.

Taylor Newton is the inaugural president of Morro Bay EcoRotary, the third chartered club of its kind in Rotary’s 34,000 club universe. Anita Shower is president of the number four worldwide club, Five Cities EcoRotary. Both will confirm Morro Bay’s John Weiss is their Rotary mentor, while President-Elect Trina Dougherty is the brains behind Green Light Eco Faire.

“Everyone who took the time to come,” said Newton, “was focused on finding out what the vendors did, how their projects worked, what ingredients their recipe contained or what solutions were being offered. That’s exactly what EcoRotary is all about...people meeting to focus on all parts of the environment -- saving the Earth one small solution at a time. We’ve started right here in Morro Bay.”

“EcoRotary represents a changing demographic outreach for Rotary International,” said Dougherty.

“It appeals to like-minded people who want to connect directly to our planet – do something sustainable in our own community that helps preserve our earth. A zero-waste program attracted me to a meeting. I joined because the single focus and attractive meeting time after work fit my interests and schedule. I learned so much from each presentation, I wanted us to share it. The Faire was a gathering of all our programs for the past couple of years as we’ve learned what people, small businesses and organizations are doing to help our environment.”

Vert Foods offered healthy and tasty food like marinated kale salad, rice rolls, and a Latin American super-food called Quinoa. Tower Garden by Juice Plus demonstrated a hydroponic self-watering vegetable garden that works in small spaces like apartment decks or rooftops.

Sammz Oats sampled her summertime Fig Cooler. Santa Lucia Sierra Club shared their focus on sustainable solutions. The Jimmy Towel is a locally invented alternative to the overuse of paper towels. The Central Coast Foodie blogger commits to promoting all things green. Hands in Nepal connects manufacturing of crafts to sustain work and end the cycle of poverty.

Newton’s favorite, Unite to Light, provides solar lights to children living without electricity or homeless without night lights. “It’s a metaphor for hope. Shine a light and there’s hope to educate and education is our pathway to peace and progress.”

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