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Letters to the Editor June 6

cambrian@thetribunenews.comJune 5, 2013 

‘Worst nightmare’

My worst nightmare has occurred. Ever since the “powers that be” decided to install a barbed wire fence around what was formerly known as the CT Ranch (now the Covell Ranch), I have been concerned about the deer.

At 6 a.m. this morning, May 29, I let my dog out in the backyard, which abuts the ranch. My dog started to bark, causing me to run out to get him back inside — whereupon I discovered Cooper standing at the back gate, barking.

He was barking at a young deer who lay against my gate, dead. Cause of death, I feel, was entanglement with the barbed wire fence.

Right now I am nursing a broken heart. But when I can think straight I will be consumed with anger with the “powers that be.”

The fence does not keep people out. No cows are grazing on the bare ground under the forest.
And how many more deer will come to lie dying at my back gate. What’s the point?

Robin Wayne


Eighth-grade stew

How often do we fully appreciate that person that brings the meal to the table? The one who can cut the salad greens, clean and cook the vegetables and put together the main course so that it is attractive, tasty and all completed at the same time.

The eighth-grade promoting class at Santa Lucia Middle School just consumed a most delicious five-star meal of life experience.

The menu consisted of a four-day bus trip to San Francisco with an appetizer hike of the Fort Baker World War II gun placements at Point Bonita and trip to Pier 39. The morning course brought us to the Exploratorium, followed by a walk to Pier 33 and touring Alcatraz Island National Park. The day’s dessert, Giants v. Athletics at the AT&T Baseball Park.

The next day’s treats brought the San Francisco Zoo, Academy Of Sciences, Planetarium, and the House of Air. The final snack was a walk across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Forty-three students and 10 chaperons were brought to the table for this delectable experience by a host of supporters and the main chef. This “EDUCATOR” displayed rare organizational talent so that every event was well planned, age appropriate, educational, safe and fun. Every event was on time with ample opportunity to learn.

The genius of his people skills was incredible with positive encouragement to keep 53 people living in close proximity for four days, all happy and moving in the same direction from appetizer to desert.
Thank you, Mr. Ron Poulos, for all the extra uncompensated time you give, the genuine compassion you have for our children and for going beyond the “standards.” We can all thank Mr. Poulos by taking a few seconds to express our heartfelt appreciation for that person who brings the meal to the table.

Krissy Rhoades, Kyle Martin, David Ehlers, Randall Lyon, Todd Steeb, Mark Tatham, Laura Dubnow, Robbin Hinson, Jennifer Lawson, Bridget Smith


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