Randy the Peacock continues his rambles in Cambria

betling@thetribunenews.comJune 5, 2013 

Rambling Randy the Peacock returned Wednesday, June 5, to the Pine Knolls neighborhood in Cambria where he’s spent most of his roosting time since he flew the coop at Linn’s Farmstore in June 2012. He’d been seen as recently as Tuesday on Happy Hill, another neighborhood about two-thirds mile away as the peacock flies — not that Randy does, usually.

He tends to walk, hop and strut on his way from one sojourn spot to another, drawing the attention of ambitious cats and admiring onlookers. Randy pauses for handouts along the way. Recent treats included peanuts and sunflower seeds.

Randy reportedly spent a few weeks in the Leimert neighborhood recently. Prior to that he was hanging out along Hartford and Oakhurst drives in Pine Knolls.

He’s still a solitary soul, despite advertising for company by flaring his full-feathered plumage from time to time.

Randy lived at Linn’s on Santa Rosa Creek Road for about 10 years, even drawing press attention in August 2011 when he greeted a visiting reporter who noted that Randy likes to eat Linn’s pies.

Perhaps tiring of pie — as unlikely as that may be — the next summer Randy made his way about six and half miles into downtown Cambria, rambling along Main Street through town before ending up in Leimert.

Rescued — or captured, depending on your perspective — and returned to Linn’s farm, he again ran away from home, settling in Pine Knolls for the fall and winter, moving on for a spring walkabout before returning to Pine Knolls Wednesday.

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