Hundreds celebrate Cambria heritage

Special to The CambrianMay 30, 2013 

The Cambria Historical Museum recorded more than 300 visitors touring the venue during Heritage Day Saturday, May 25, pleasing event coordinators with their success. Visitors from out of town joined locals for the activity outside on the sun-drenched grounds, including the serendipitous offer by Noreen Markel, Jodean Langley and Judy Seidel for youngsters 8 to 80 to get aboard their horses in the back area along and across Center Street.

The Rev. Tracy Vining and his horse, Jackson, coordinated the rides. Other vintage transportation — two 1920s Fords — were nearby, open for examination.

Walk-about food and drink was a sellout, with prices so low that servers report many folks added to the donation jars. Cash donations were up during the entire busy holiday weekend, assisting the historical society to replenish its educational and operational funds.

The goal for Heritage Day was to showcase the museum’s accent on all things historical, especially old-time arts such as carving, etching, weaving and spinning, quilting and the maypole performance three times by Cambria Girl Scouts. This they did by weaving colorful ribbons down the pole as the girls danced around it, lifting their ribbons over and under each other’s arms.

Professional musician Marc Irving Weber entertained without charge the entire day, with a repertoire of historical music ending with his own unique contemporary jazz.

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