Letter to the Editor

Compelling reasons to vote for Brown

San Luis ObispoMay 28, 2013 

I endorse Paul Brown for City Council for several compelling reasons.

First, he is endorsed by Andrew Carter, who was elected by a broad spectrum of voters of all political persuasions and led our city on a fiscally responsible path. Carter was the catalyst for advancing and procuring passage of Measures A and B. Paul Brown openly supported and campaigned for these measures and is the most likely candidate to continue the fiscally responsible leadership begun by Carter.

Second, the remaining term is only 18 months. This allows no time for “on-the-job training,” particularly given the budget process and other important matters. Paul is the only candidate who has served on the council. He knows the process and is endorsed by both current and former council members.

Third and most critical, we need an independent voice who will listen to all sides and who can build rapport and consensus. Sadly, with the SLO County Democratic Party endorsing Christianson for this nonpartisan seat and funding her more than $4,000 to date, she is not an independent candidate who would bring balance to the council.

Please cast your ballot for the fiscally conservative and moderate candidate, Paul Brown.

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