Letter to the Editor

History will judge Obama

San Luis ObispoMay 25, 2013 

Many Americans continue to judge Barack Obama favorably, despite his many failures. A recent letter acknowledged “some errors” but declared Obama’s (presumably positive) legacy will be Obamacare. Barry will be lucky if that train wreck is all that defines his legacy.

I predict his legacy will be defined by follies and felonies punctuated by fulsome declarations of ignorance of all that occurred on his watch, and that ultimately he will be found complicit in: 1) political (i.e. electoral) decisions resulting in the deaths of four Americans in Libya; 2) the targeting of political adversaries by the IRS; and 3) judicial branch intimidation of the media.

I may be proved wrong in assuming complicity in these acts. However, even if Obama was in the dark about the actions of those who worked for him, ignorance is not exculpatory, it is dereliction of duty. The former CEO of British Petroleum was nowhere near the oil rig that exploded in the Gulf, but he paid for the accident with his job. This is how responsible organizations work.

Obama will likely keep his job, but history will surely judge him for his insolence, indolence, ignorance and overall incompetence more so than any supposed accomplishments.

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