Letter to the Editor

Jeers to wine slogan

AlamoMay 25, 2013 

It was a beautiful weekend in the Paso Robles wine region this past week, and the wineries, restaurants and area merchants were welcoming. Paso Robles’ downtown has become an inviting retail/hospitality area since my first time there in 1967, while in the Army. My applause to everyone!

I signed guest books at a few wineries, including my email address, and this past week I have received various promotions that celebrate the Paso wine area. One concerned me. An online novelty company offered a T-shirt and other items with “NAPA is for auto parts … Paso is for wine.”

Growing up in Napa and seeing the major tourist destination it has become has made me broaden my interest in wine regions. But being in marketing all my life, I also know that one never talks down his or her competition without creating a negative view by potential customers for their own offering.

So for all wine regions I have enjoyed from Oregon to Temecula, may I suggest that Paso Robles wineries celebrate their role in excellent wines throughout our North American Pacific Rim.

Thanks to all for your welcome and wonderful wines.

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