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Repair Highway 1

AtascaderoMay 24, 2013 

An arrow marker in the newly paved section of Highway 1 is littered with loose pieces of the new larger paving aggregate.

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Twenty friends and I just completed a four-day bicycle trip from the Santa Rosa area to Cambria. We pretty much followed Highway 1 southbound from the Bay Area. We found Highway 1 and its shoulder to be well maintained, smooth and absent of debris most of the way. Even through the Big Sur area, the scene of many slides and continuous road work, the road surface was smooth and in good repair.

Shortly after crossing into San Luis Obispo County we were greeted with the chip seal work of our division of Caltrans. The road surface changed from smooth to rough and uneven. The shoulder was covered in loose rocks from the work that was done over six months ago, making it extremely hard to ride on.

Although much has been written about this problem, little has been done to fix it. I find it hard to believe that Caltrans divisions across the state don’t talk to one another about what works and what doesn’t. Come on folks, this is your job. Get it right the first time and admit it when you don’t.

Please, just repair the road surface to its original condition.

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