Letter to the Editor

Grover Beach should consider a merger

Pismo BeachMay 23, 2013 

The city of Grover Beach has been financially strained for years and now thinks a lodge and conference center is an answer to prayers, but is it really? It could just be a Band-Aid on the wound.

The administration of Grover Beach believes that it can generate enough tourism and revenue to revitalize its central business district. But realistically, with no more redevelopment agencies and no major attraction in Grover, it does not seem like it will happen.

Grover Beach will always lose out to Pismo Beach and Arroyo Grande at attracting businesses, because those two towns have a larger tourism pull and freeway exposure.

If Grover Beach goes bankrupt, it would mean it would go under the county’s jurisdiction and perhaps not get enough services to serve the urban area, thus leading to a worse quality of life for all in the town.

The option to consolidate (merge) into Arroyo Grande or Pismo Beach needs to be considered.

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