Cambrian Letters to the Editor May 23

San Luis Obispo - The TribuneMay 23, 2013 

Locals want Kingston

The Kingston Bay Senior Living facility has become a passionate topic for many in Cambria. I am a supporter of this facility and I was the Realtor representing Mr. Jeff King when he purchased the Green Street property.

There was a letter to the editor a few weeks ago stating that the property was purchased for in excess of $2 million dollars; this is incorrect. The purchase price is a matter of public record and was below $400,000 and the water allocation has been with the property for many years.
I assisted Jeff King prior to the North Coast Advisory Council general committee meeting in November. I am not an employee of the King organization and I am not being paid by them. My support is personal and stems from discussions with several senior couples and individuals over the past two years.

Foremost, these senior Cambrians wish to stay in the community they love and reside in. Their friends, support systems, doctors and comfort zone are in Cambria. They all wish to have options as to where they want to reside, whether it be their homes, Cherish House or a facility like Kingston Bay.

Some seniors feel that their homes have become a burden to maintain. Others will need the capital from the sale of their homes to pay for future care. Some have spouses with dementia, Alzheimer's or issues that involve mobility.

Their wish is to have choices for the type of facility that will care for them. Some spouses simply cannot physically or emotionally care for the one that requires assistance. Very obvious was the dread — even fear — of having to leave Cambria and move to Morro Bay or San Luis Obispo.
I have had some very pleasant conversations with individuals that oppose this project and they have a right to their views. My practical view is that this property is zoned for the building of a Kingston Bay-type project and I believe this is a much better project for Cambria and this property than an apartment building or condo.

My personal position is that some additional night lighting, more vehicles three times a day on Ardath Drive and the number of parking spaces at this facility is not a reason to deny just one couple or one individual to remain in Cambria.

How would any one of us feel if our fellow Cambrians were attempting to block options for where and how we live in the wonderful village of Cambria?

P.S. In November NCAC members were presented with a list of 44 names and organizations with attached signed letters who support Kingston Bay. The county supervisors office is in possession of a “contact list” of 77 people and organizations created for the developer prior to the November NCAC general meeting. Some of the 77 did not support or did not respond. It is my understanding the supervisors’ office understands the difference between the two lists.

Lachlan Ian MacTavish


The Grandmas did it

This year’s varsity Bronco baseball team had the pleasure of enjoying treats after just about every single game. We would like to publicly thank all of the Coast Union Grandmas that still love us like Little Leaguers.

The Bronco Grandmas that we know of include the grandmothers of Tommy Moreno, Tommy Howard, Gehrig Kniffen, Lane Sutherland and Grant Magnuson. Their amazing goodies and support have led the team to a very successful season and we believe they deserve a big “thank you.”

Emine Godinez, on behalf of

The Coast Union Bronco baseball team

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