Letter to the Editor

Endorsing Brown

San Luis ObispoMay 22, 2013 

The city of San Luis Obispo is having an election to fill the council seat vacated by Andrew Carter. There are two qualified candidates for that position. One has served before on the council and will be able to start right away acting on behalf of city residents.

Elect, once again, Paul Brown to the council, as he has experience and involvement in all aspects of city life.

I have been part of many city advisory bodies for several decades, including an eight-year stint on the city Planning Commission.

Of those eight years, I spent 51⁄2 years as chairman. As such, I spent many nights up front with the City Council, and I can certify that the position of a planning commissioner is not even close to that of a council person. Paul Brown has served us well as a councilman and knows the job. He ran for mayor and garnered close to 50 percent of the city vote.

Former Mayor Dave Romero, Councilman Andrew Carter and now Planning Commissioner Barry Karleskint, among many others, endorse him. I urge you to mark your ballot for Paul Brown and mail it now.

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