Letter to the Editor

Climate lobby group

Pismo BeachMay 17, 2013 

Sunday’s front page article, “Gas concentration hits alarming level,” reporting that carbon dioxide levels have now climbed to 400 parts per million, is both expected and frightening. Human civilization is facing the largest man-made environmental disaster ever, yet we are not doing enough to reduce the worst effects of it.

I have been concerned about climate change for some time, but have been unsure what to do to really make a difference. I installed solar, got a hybrid car, changed the light bulbs and tried not to drive too much, but I know these are not going to solve the problem. Government and corporations can nullify any gains that I make in an instant. It seems to me that our carbon dioxide problem requires governmental action.

Recently I’ve learned about The Citizens Climate Lobby, a nationwide organization with a local chapter now forming. Its mission is to raise public awareness about climate change and effectively lobby elected officials for sensible bipartisan legislation to reduce our carbon emissions.

You can find out about CCL at http://citizensclimatelobby.org. Click on “About” and then “Introductory Presentation.” The local CCL can be contacted at this email address: ccl.slo@att.net .

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