Letter to the Editor

Where’s the news?

Avila BeachMay 17, 2013 

I’m writing about the May 15 article on Ed and Lydia Heinbockel written by Michael Doyle.

Why is this news? Although I knew I wouldn’t find it, I kept waiting for the part to come that was of public concern. This article was written to exploit highly personal financial problems that don’t appear to have affected anyone other than the Heinbockels. Judge Holmes even detailed the Heinbockels’ unfortunate tax predicament with kid gloves.

These two aren’t villains; they’re good humans, exceptional parents and undeserving of this high-school-style gossip. I realize that our extraordinary county starves your paper of juicy stories, but if this is supposed to be one, think again. It’s mean and pointless, and The Tribune should do what all of us were taught to do when we’ve hurt someone: apologize.

That’s a novel idea — the media using a basic people skill to actually admit when it’s wrong, and apologize.

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