Letter to the Editor

GMO impacts

TempletonMay 16, 2013 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has added food and skin allergies in children to the seemingly ever-growing list of diseases that have seen significant increases in the past two decades. Heading that list are: childhood diabetes, disproportionate obesity problems, autism, asthma and others.

In all these cases, experts are not sure of what’s behind the increases. And sadly, no one at other government agencies has apparently questioned genetically modified organisms (GMOs), now in practically every food on supermarket shelves as a potential — and in my opinion very real potential — culprit.

When Californians were debating the issue of labeling genetically engineered foods during the last election cycle, many learned from websites that no long-term population monitoring has been or is being conducted since GMOs were introduced into our food supply. We also learned that the position on GMOs by the American Medical Association and World Health Organization at that time was that it would be of benefit if monitoring of genetically modified foods when introduced into the food supply were done.

Is this issue, in spite of its incredible impacts, yet another victim of our times, where lobbying interests and misguided political capital rule?

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