Letter to the Editor

Real water issues

Paso RoblesMay 16, 2013 

Regarding the recent Board of Supervisors meeting on the Paso Robles groundwater basin: It seemed to me that much of the discussion was focused on avoiding adjudication, aka lawsuits. This was at the expense of doing anything meaningful to elevate the real and present water resource problem.

A litany of long-term, in my opinion, unrealistic water restoration projects were presented as the solution. I feel more representation from rural domestic well owners is needed. Supervisor Arnold motioned for lowinterest loans and waving fees for those who are now without water and need new wells. While this is financially helpful to homeowners, I saw this as a distraction from the real issue, imposing water restrictions on vineyards. This is simple math. We are using more water than we have, and we will run out if we don’t stop. Restrictions can be imposed if this is deemed an emergency.

I say, if the supervisors don’t step up to curb big ag water consumption, we threaten them with what they fear — adjudication. In the meantime, perhaps, if enough concerned citizens contact their supervisors, they will listen.

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