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Avenues for authors

Paso RoblesMay 13, 2013 

It was so refreshing to read the article about local published author James Horvath. Publishing any book is such a feat and feels out of reach to many. So seeing Mr. Horvath realize his dream of having his book published is inspiring.

I follow many blogs of authors and aspiring authors, and I think it is important for those individuals to keep writing, and to not give up on their passion and dream to publish their work. Self-publishing seems to be an alternative, and websites such as Indiegogo.com seem to be an avenue for budding authors.

One project I am supporting is “Allegories of the Tarot” — a talented group of authors coming together to put their wildly creative spin on fiction fun involving the tarot with passion and excitement. Writers such as James Horvath and this “Allegories of the Tarot” group are inspiring. Their passion and creativity should be appreciated by anyone with a dream.

I plan to purchase James Horvath’s book for my daughters, and I will continue to support writers and their projects on Indiegogo.com. Because nowadays, everyone should have a dream, and oftentimes it takes the kind support of others to help achieve them.

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